Need to move? Trust Hornsey Moving and Storage to take care of your property professionally.
Hornsey Moving & Storage Company, Inc.

Who are we?
Family owned and operated, Hornsey Moving and Storage has been serving the Riverbend since 1917. 

Our History

Established in Alton IL., today we are located in Wood River IL. We service residential and light commercial customers. Area served include southwest Illinois and eastern Missouri, centered in the St. Louis metropolitan area, but we can also perform long distance moves. We specialize in handling pianos. We also offer packing and storage of items. If requested, estimates are available and are free of charge.

Contacting Us
You can contact us by telephone at (618)-254-4361 during the weekdays, 8 am to 5 pm. Our fax number is (618)-254-4392.

You can contact us by email at fred@hornseymoving.com.

Moving? Here Are Some Tips:
  • Whether you are moving with us, another mover, or doing it yourself, these tips will make the process smoother and safer.
  • The earlier you book your move, the better. Call us about six to eight weeks before your intended moving date to set up an estimate. If you decide to use us for your move, please schedule the move at least four weeks before your intended moving date. This is important, especially in the summer, when we are the busiest.
  • To assure the safety of your possessions, they must be properly packed. We can do this properly for extra charge. However if you want to do this yourself. Items should be packed as follows:
    • Almost all items that can fit in a box should be in one. A lot of loose items take much longer to move than if they were in a stack of boxes that could be moved all at once with a dolly.
    • Items in the box should be surrounded with a packing material, and breakables should be completely cushioned by packing material to prevent damage. Empty space should be filled with packing material or other warped up items.
    • Make sure boxes are filled up to the lid. Boxes that are heavier are placed on the bottom of the tier of boxes in the truck, and have to take the weight of other boxes. If the box is half full, it will probably collapse.
    • Detailed instructions and tips can be found Moving.com: Packing Like a Pro.
  • Make sure areas for walking are cleared and appliances, computers, lawn equipment, and any such items that are going are prepared for the move.
  • For more tips and answers to any and all questions, see Moving.com: Articles or just ask us at any point before or during the move!
Our Warehouse in Wood River

We are located at:
360 E. Ferguson Ave.
Wood River, IL. 62095

Hornsey Moving & Storage